Our CBN gummies are a great option for relief and winding down at the end of a long day.


If you are looking to avoid THC, our CBN isolate gummies are a perfect option. Studies have suggested that CBN has the potential benefits of promoting sleep, reducing pain, and producing a calming effect.  Our CBN gummies are great for nighttime use. We highly recommend starting with half a gummie an hour before bed time and increasing to a full gummie after you have experienced the effects of this potent cannabinoid.

30 Gummies per jar/25mg CBN per Gummie/750mg per jar

Orange & Cherry

Our THC Free CBN Gummies are made with CBN Isolate so they only contain CBN. Our products are made of the finest natural ingredients and are proudly manufactured in the USA. The MOD Canna  uses an independent 3rd party laboratory for testing.  The results are always readily available on our website and through the smart labels found on each of our products. Our company takes the integrity of our products seriously so that you can trust in having the finest product available. Note: in rare cases, CBN is metabolized and can show up as THC in a drug screening.